Free Legal Images for Your Blog

I recently read a blog post about an unfortunate situation where a blogger got sued for using an image she found on google. Many bloggers do this either not knowing it’s illegal to use copyrighted images, or knowing, but thinking the likelihood that they’ll get caught is slim to none. Well, it happens, and you don’t want it to happen to you.

I came across this post by Amy from Balanced Blogging as I was searching for images to use for my TpT endeavors. It has tons of images ready and waiting for you and your blog. They are free for commercial use, meaning that not only can you use them in your blog, but you can use them to make products you sell.

I hope this helps some fellow bloggers out there. Let me know if you’ll be using this! I’ll check out your blog!

Ser vs Estar

It’s almost that time again. Time to teach the kiddos about the differences between the two Spanish verbs that mean “to be”. This time, though, I’m armed and dangerous.


My latest TpT product is ready to roll, just in time to blow their minds. OK, maybe that’s a tad exaggerated, but seriously, they are going to get it so good!

First Blog Ever – I’m Obsessed

Welcome to my third first blog post ever! I wrote two previous first blog posts but deemed them unfit to post. If you had read them, though, you’d know I’m not a writer, so forgive me in advance for any non-writer-y things I do.

I’m obsessive. When it comes to something I’m interested in, it’s all-consuming. It’s been that way since I was a boy-crazy kid. I’ve had phases in obsession having to do having a baby, getting a dog, learning to dance Salsa, making all-natural DIY products – all of these compulsions a funny blog post of their own, but most recently I’ve been fixated on selling my lessons and activities on TPT (

It’s a great obsession, really. I’m using my knowledge and expertise (which makes me feel valuable) to CREATE (a creative outlet!) quality products that help other teachers and most importantly, help students. Add to that, that I can make a little money along the way – I’ve got myself a nice little obsession!

I’ve been at it for 8 months now. It has been slow going because, hey, I have a full time teaching job, but just this (long) weekend I was re-inspired to add a new product to my store…and I’m wildly excited about it. (I’m not going to link it here for fear that you may think I’m only blogging to sell more items.) No sales yet, but I know it’s just a matter of time. I can’t wait for the snowball effect to take hold. In theory, the more buyers that review it, the more people will trust it and buy it. Has that happened to you on any of your products? How long did it take?

What is your latest obsession? Do you TPT?